Kolo Bingo

Play along during streams (for fun! for free! No gambling involved!) and win bragging rights and a silly song if you’re the first to get five in row!

Full Instructions below 🙂

How To PlayHow To Play

Each visit to this URL provides you with a randomly generated bingo card grid; each player’s grid is different! Each individual square in your bingo card describes something that is likely to happen on stream. When it happens, you can click on that square to “check it off”, which turns it orange. If you get five orange squares in a line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal, they all count), you got bingo, congratulations! Feel free to post about it in Twitch chat when you do… and if you’re the first person of the day, Kolo will put on a silly outfit and sing you a silly song AND you get bragging rights for the rest of the stream. Silly stuff, lovely!

The center square is always the same, identical for all players, and already checked off for you because it’s something that happens so often it made sense for it to be a “free square”. Phrases that are in quotation marks are things Kolo must say to be checked off.

If you’re not sure what some of the cards mean, or if what you heard/saw “counts”, please feel free to ask in chat or whisper a moderator. We have a little glossary below to help, but we encourage you to be creative in your interpretation of each square!

Feel free to share your screenshots in Discord!


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Pumpkin is Kolo’s cat.
Saxon is Kolo’s dog.
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Big thanks to krahs4 for the idea and to kocka_collector for coding the original framework!
If the website bingo doesn’t work for you, click here for the unembedded version.

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