Kolo Bingo

How To PlayRules

You all get a different, randomly generated bingo card. Look out for things happening on stream, that match a square on your card. Click on that square to check it off, turning it orange. Get five orange squares in a line to win – either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

The center square is already checked off and has the same text for every player. It will change occasionally, but is always something that happens so often that we made it a “free square”. Each square refers to something that Kolo is doing, or things that happen in stream or in chat. Phrases in quotation marks are things Kolo must say to be checked off.

If you’re not sure what some of the cards mean, or if what you heard/saw “counts” to check something off, please feel free to ask in chat or whisper a moderator. But we encourage you to be creative in your interpretation of each square!

Feel free to share your screenshots in Discord, the winner gets bragging rights!


Glitterball is Kolo’s IRL friend.
Hamilton is a musical.
ILikeDesks is a community member.
Kuryana is a moderator.
Moozipan is our community manager.
Ocean is Kolo’s partner.
Pumpkin is Kolo’s cat.
Saxon is Kolo’s dog.
Taimaru is a community member.

Big thanks to krahs4 for the idea and to kocka_collector for coding the original framework!
If the website bingo doesn’t work for you, click hereLink to the unembedded Bingo for the unembedded version.
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