Hi! I’m Kolo, a UK-based, partnered Twitch streamer who’s passionate about community interaction, rich narratives, open world adventures, and not microwaving your tea!

My little corner of the internet is a PG-rated, community focused mix of upbeat entertainment, creativity and care. My primary platform is Twitch, but you can find me making all kinds of content on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, as well as playing a weekly tabletop role-playing game with the lovely folks over at Tablestory.

Charity fundraising is a huge part of my ethos too, and so far in 2020 my community and I have raised over £18,000 for my chosen charity, SpecialEffect!

Check out this video to see what I’m all about:

Come say hello sometime, ’cause it’d be lovely to meet you!

For business enquiries, you can find me here: [email protected]

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