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Hi! I’m Kolo (she/her), a UK-based live streamer and content creator since 2018. My favourite things are great storytelling, open world adventures, gardening, sci-fi and accessibility! My primary platform is Twitch (partnered since 2018!), but you can also find me on YouTube, Instagram, X/Twitter and TikTok. My little corners of the internet are PG-13 (ish!) environments, focused on a mix of upbeat entertainment, creativity and kindness.

My content is community focus and often includes gaming, accessibility or both! I am an ambulatory wheelchair user due to nerve damage that affects my right leg, and I also play games partially with my feet; yes really! have a condition called peripheral spondyloarthritis, which primarily affects my hands and arms, making prolonged holding/gripping/button mashing painful.
I am able to play games using a combination of both my hands and feet, via foot switches mounted to a guitar pedal board for foot controls, and a traditional controller resting in my lap (not gripped!). The foot pedal switches connect to either the Xbox Adaptive Controller or the PlayStation Access Controller, depending on which platform I’m playing on. These foot switches are usually keybound to the shoulder button actions of a traditional controller. Playing games in this way avoids the need to grip a mouse or a controller, limits the strain my hands take, and enables me to play most games that offer full native controller support.

My chosen charity is SpecialEffect, who I’m proud to be an ambassador for! SpecialEffect make gaming accessible to all, regardless of physical ability, and they were fundamental in helping me set up my very first adaptive controls. In the past five years, my community and I have raised over $94,000 (£74,800) for them!

Check out this video to see what I’m all about:

Come say hello sometime, ’cause it’d be lovely to meet you!

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Consultancy and Public SpeakingConsultancy and Public Speaking

In addition to my content creation work, I also offer consultancy services to brands. This work includes; helping clients navigate the nuance of online communities (and establish/grow their own!), create and sustain strong relationships with creators, increase engagement from influencer campaigns, source diverse talent for upcoming activations, and ensuring diverse and accessible influencer ad content.

I also take bookings for both public speaking and guest speaking at internal seminars and/or training events. Previous speaker topics have included; creator economy, effectively working with influencers, DE&I and accessibility in both gaming and influencer campaigns. Recent work of this type includes speaking at AD Week Europe, MAD//Fest, The Game Accessibility Conference and working directly with brands including Amazon Ads at internal seminars.

Want to work with me? Drop me an email at [email protected]

Brand PartnershipsBrand Partnerships

I love crafting creative and organic sponsored content for brands! Content that is natural, genuine and tailored to the community. I make sponsored content that folks want to actively tune in for, not scroll away from. I offer influencer coverage on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter/X.
If you’d like to talk suitability, availability and rates, please drop me an email at [email protected]

Below are some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of creating sponsored content for in the past.

An overview of sponsors, showing logos such as 2K, AMD, Bethesda, Curiosity Stream, EA, Elgato, Frontier, Humble, Hyper Luminal Games, Logitech, Prime Video, Raw Fury, Phoenix Labs, Playstation, Square Enix, Telltale, Twitch, Ubisoft and WD Black